Our payments are based on Jacobsen pricing. If Jacobsen index is below 27c/lb, we offer free service. If it goes above 27c/lb, we split the difference with you. Other factors include:

1. How clean your oil is. We look for oil with maximum 10% impurities. This type of oil usually comes from the food fryers. Oil from frying pans and other highly contaminated sources will not be usable.

2. How much we can collect on a monthly basis. On average, restaurants generate about 50 gallons of waste oil per month.

3. Your geographic location. We collect most oil in the 100 mile radius Minneapolis/St.Paul metro area. Our trucks have steady routes, so they pick up on a regular basis (usually bi-weekly). We pick up the drum whether it’s full or not, leaving you with a fresh container. We will also pick up in more remote locations, but we will request either higher volume or pay lower price per gallon.

We negotiate special rates for large quantities.

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